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Wednesday, 28 August


Are you a digital nomad, remote worker, or freelancer seeking inspiration, networking opportunities, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals? Look no further! The Second Irish Digital Nomad Conference, set to take place in rural Ireland, is here to provide you with an unforgettable experience and empower you in your digital nomad journey. Why not work AND travel, especially if you can do it responsibly and sustainably!


If you:

  • Have been a digital for some time already
  • Are an aspiring nomad, looking to start traveling
  • Wish to visit, explore, live in or run a business in Ireland
  • Already have your own business, solopreneur, startup
  • Are a freelancer and work remotely or from home
  • Are looking for a remote job in Ireland or abroad
  • Are interested in learning how to start your own business
  • Are a company seeking to promote services/products
  • Are a local business interested in supporting nomadism
  • Have accommodation you wish to offer to nomads
  • Are a student looking for career advice or inspiration
  • Have a full-time job and are seeking inspiration
  • Are into a location-independent lifestyle
  • Are a family interested in travel as a family unit
  • Want to learn about home-schooling options
  • Want to be part of the digital nomad movement
  • Are interested in learning about the Nomad Trail
  • Want to develop a mindset of success
  • Are interested in rural development & sustainability
  • Are seeking a co-founder, recruiters, investors
  • Want to make friends with like-minded people …this event is for you!
  • At our conference, we celebrate the freedom and flexibility that comes with the digital nomad lifestyle. Picturesque and stunning northwest of Ireland set the stage for this remarkable gathering. Imagine a backdrop of lush green landscapes, charming streets, and a vibrant local culture that inspires creativity and fuels your professional growth. We are within 30 mins from both the local mountains and beaches – with an abundance of outdoor activities available for our delegates too.

What to expect:

  • International Speakers
  • Expert panel discussions
  • Digital Nomad lifestyle – pros & cons
  • Remote work and future of work
  • How to become a DN/RW
  • Sustainability projects
  • Rural Community development
  • Social Innovation projects
  • Explore Ireland Experience
  • Socials & Networking


  • Morning talks/workshops/panels by Irish & International experts, networking at lunch
  • Afternoon outdoor activities, unconference, exploring Donegal
  • Evening entertainment – Irish culture, music, dance and more – socialize the Irish way!

Before the conference:

  • Entrepreneur evening in Dublin
  • Irish Nomad Trail Doolin to Donegal
  • Digital Nomad Conference & Fest, 28th – 31st August



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